A big World in a little head like mine

Sometimes I want that my imagination realizes. Because I'm bored in this world.. We have the same changes of sky everyday, we don't see other planets, we have the same routine every time.. it's very boring. Just imagine if someone comes to you and says "Hey I found an abandonned bus but he works let's own it and decoreta it!" or "Hey let's go to the subway to the destination of the moon".

I want something unexpected, something unique something different. We realized already many good things which can changethe way to live. So why can't we realize for example airtransports, a tramway who looks like roller coaster, have a transport who make us fly..

In my world, We can fly. We can visit all planets in the worls, In the space there's purple flowers flloating everywhere with shooting stars. In my world we're surfing on the clouds, In the night the flowers light up with different colors and saturn with the moon are shining in the black sky full of stars..